About Us

E-Mage = Electronic Image

E-Mage Technology is an Australian company with a global vision and innovative solutions. Established in 2020 during the global pandemic, we recognise the shifting consumer behaviours and emerging challenges faced by businesses. As an Electronic Image solution company, we take pride in offering cutting-edge technology to address these issues.

Our primary goal is to assist clients in overcoming their most significant challenges while enhancing our surroundings with high-quality products. Our ePaper display system is more than just a technological product; it is a solution that can significantly improve productivity across various industries.

Easy, Economic, Eco-friendly Electronic Solutions. Our offerings are designed to meet diverse needs and deliver exceptional performance.

We provide a comprehensive range of high-quality solutions, including mobile computers, coordinators, electronic shelf labels, electronic badges, smart bus stops, and cloud solutions.

Our Brand Advantage

Top Quality Supplies

Ensuring a stable and dependable flow of products.

Made In Taiwan

Uncompromising commitment to excellence in manufacturing.

Competitive Pricing

Offering reasonable prices for our electronic shelf labels.

In-House Software Development

Tailored in-house development to meet your specific requirements.

Leading Electronic Shelf Label Brand

Embrace products crafted by a top quality industry leader with unmatched experience in electronic shelf labels and e-book solutions.

Dedicated Customer Support and Service

Offering exceptional customer support and service to address any inquiries, concerns, or technical assistance needs. Our team is committed to providing prompt and knowledgeable support to ensure a seamless experience for our customers throughout their journey with our products.

Our Partners & Distributions

IMedtac Co., Ltd

Authorised distributor in Australia
IMedtac Co., Ltd is an expert in AIoT healthcare solutions combining medical science with ICT technology which enable high quality and seamless communications between caregivers and patients.

Unitech Electronics Co., Ltd

Authorised distributor in Australia
Unitech Electronics Co. Ltd is a global provider of AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) technologies with over 40 years experience and offers a wide range of products such as enterprise mobile computers, rugged handheld PDAs, industrial tablets, barcode scanners, RFID readers and IoT solutions.

eCloudvalley Digital Technology Co., Ltd

Authorised distributor in Australia
eCloudValley is one of the Premier Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the GCR Region. Their services include cloud migration, cloud training, data solutions, SAP migration, database freedom, next-gen MSP and automated cloud management platforms.