Case Studies

Electronic Shelf Labels


Refrigerated Dessert Cabinet Label Display

Hospitality applications are also suitable for our electronic shelf labels. This café has utilized the labels and have customised the templates to reflect seasonal festivities as well as different desserts within their cold dessert cabinet.

Electronic Shelf Labels


Employee/Office Status Display

Our electronic shelf labels have applications within corporate settings as well. Here, this company has utilized the labels to indicate an employee’s status in the office, whether they are in office, or on leave. The labels can also be used to indicate whether co-working spaces or offices are available or not.

Electronic Shelf Labels

Retail (Pharmacy)

Discount Drug Store

One of the major pharmacy brands in Australia has started using our Electronic Shelf Labels in April 2021. We are working closely with the store to provide pricing display solutions and on going support to customise the system to their needs.

Electronic Shelf Labels

Retail (Grocery)

Grocery - Organic Food Store

One of the largest retailers of various health foods and products based in Taiwan. Currently, they have 15 retail stores each fitted with a total of 850 units of ESL. Active units of ESL: 850+ units across 15 retail stores. Installation of 54 stores planned for 2021.

Electronic Shelf Labels

Retail (Pharmacy)

Pharmacy - High-End Consumer Pharmacy

A Taiwanese pharmacy chain that offers premium products is using ESL to assist in their store operations and to reinforce their high-end pharmacy image.

Electronic Shelf Labels


Telecom - Major Telecom Brand

The third largest Taiwanese telecommunications company has installed over 30 of 5.65″ ESL units in each of their two flagship stores. The demand for more ESL units is still growing as they expand their stores. They are primarily used to introduce information about mobile phones including key features and their specifications. Two Flagship Stores: – 30+ units of 5.65″ ESL used to display phone specs – 300+ units of 2.99″ ESL used to display pricing of accessories

Smart Ward Solutions


Hospital - Boston, United States of America

One of the most well known and innovative hospitals around the globe has begun to integrate the use of the 42″ Smart Ward EPD into the caregiving process to provide patients with a clear understanding of their own situation as well as allow caregivers to easily access a patients information in order to provide the best possible treatment to them.

Smart Ward Solutions


Hospital - Hsinchu, Taiwan

Currently utilising approximately 600 units of the Smart Ward EPDs, this hospital is underway to become one of the most sustainable hospitals in Taiwan. Smart Ward EPD units currently in use at this hospital include: – 9.7″ Bedside Smart Ward EPDs – 13.3″ Room Signs Smart Ward EPDs – 32″ ICU Bedside Smart Ward EPDs.

Cloud Services


Aviation Industry - Data Warehouse Modernization

Migration – DevOps – Data Solutions – Serverless – Container

Migration and modernization of the data warehouse of one of the largest airline companies in Asia. Migrating from Oracle Exadata with IBM Cognos to AWS.

Their requirements included:

migration of on premise database to AWS in a secure manner.

storage of data in a highly scalable, centralized manner that allows for quicker analytics and built on a cost effective storage that allows for scale without expensive costs

process large amounts of data in fast and cost effective way and provide highly scalable data warehouse that can run complex analytical queries