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Smart Ward Electronic Paper Display Success Cases

Benefits of using Electronic Paper for Smart Ward Solutions


The absence of a backlight eliminates any potential blue light hazard

Bi Stable

The display operates without the need for continuous power supply to maintain an image


The device's display is shatterproof, ensuring durability and longevity

Low Power Consumption

Power consumption is optimized as it is only utilized during information reception and display changes, offering extended usage without battery concerns


Enhanced viewing experience is facilitated, promoting ease of use for users

Wide Viewing Angle

The display ensures easy readability even under bright light conditions, with visibility from up to 180 degrees.

Success Cases & Examples


  • National Taiwan University Hospital
  • Taipei Veterans General Hospital
  • Taichung Veterans General Hospital
  • National Cheng Kung University Hospital
  • Taipei Medical University Hospital
  • Changhua Christian Hospital
  • National Health Research Institutes
  • China Medical University Hospital
  • Yuanlin Christian Hospital
  • Cheng Hsin General Hospital
  • Kaohsiung Municipal Siaogang Hospital
  • Yuanpei University of Medical Technology
  • Lukang Christian Hospital
  • Po Cheng International Hospital
  • Calo Psychiatric Hospital
  • Hansheng Obs-Gynb Clinic
  • Shui-Mu International Co., Ltd. (A.S.O)

United States of America

  • Landmark Hospital, Florida
  • Bringham and Women’s Hospital, Boston


  • The Second Affiliated Hospital Zhejiang University School of Medicine
  • Suzhou BenQ Hospital
  • Nanjing BenQ Hospital
  • Zhebei Mingzhou Hospital
  • Shanghai Jing’an District Central Hospital


  • MD Healthcare Co., Ltd. Thailand
  • Bangkok Christian Hospital Thailand
  • Overbrook Hospital Thailand
  • eDoctor Vietnam

Patient information displayed can be fully customised

The examples provided above and below are just a glimpse of the extensive capabilities of our Electronic Patient Data (EPD) system. Our solution offers a wide range of possibilities to tailor the displayed data according to specific needs and preferences.

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