Solutions For Electronic Shelf Labels

What are Electronic Shelf Labels?

The Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) is an ePaper display system that replaces the traditional shelf pricing system with a digital system that streamlines the process of changing paper price tags. It allows users to quickly change the contents and price of the labels with ease even across multiple stores.

Why it is a better alternative to paper labels?


Real-time information

Change label content anytime. Great for seasonal promotions or price alterations.

Wireless Communication: Minimise pricing error

Supports wireless transmission, update info on the spot, effectively reduce incorrect pricing.

Reduced labour cost and time

Frees up time for employees to focus on more important tasks instead of changing labels.

Reduced paper & printing cost

Less expense on printing labels and reduce paper waste.

Long-lasting battery life

Low battery consumption allows a battery to last for years.

Wide viewing angle

Easy readability, can be read from 180 degrees even under bright light.

Choose or create your own template.

With black, red and white, the labels can be customised to suit your needs.

LED light Indicator for select ESL models

Select ESL models include a LED light Indicator which can be programmed to indicate a client’s needs such as a sale or discount on the item the ESL is associated with.

Electronic Shelf Labels

System Configuration for Electronic Shelf Labels

Q & A About Electronic Shelf Labels

  • How are the Electronic Shelf Labels centrally controlled?

    When a business has multiple stores, we can set up a server to connect all the stores together so the price information can be updated from the headquarter by just one person. Individual stores may retain the ability to adjust the pricing for their own in-store promotions. This can save your business a lot of time and these time would allow employees to perform more productive work. The more stores the greater the business benefits.

  • What display colours are available for the Electronic Shelf Labels?

    Our standard Electronic Shelf Labels can generate stunning displays with three colours (black, white and red.) In addition, our exclusive 5.65″ colourful labels can display in seven colours allowing your specials to stand out even more. It is even possible to display pictures on the bigger labels to attract attention.

  • What is the installation process like?

    We will first discuss about what your business needs and come up with the best solution to integrate the electronic shelf label system into your business. After we have an agreement, we will send out a team to install and set up all the hardwares and software in each store. Then we will provide a quick training to the staff so they can adjust the labels when they need to. At this point, your business can start reaping all the benefits that the electronic shelf labels can provide.

    Step 1 – Discuss what the business needs
    Step 2 – Planning the best solution for your business
    Step 3 – Reaching an agreement
    Step 4 – Customising unique software for your business
    Step 5 – Install assets according to plan
    Step 6 – Staff training
    Step 7 – HQ and/or store staff operating the system

  • How much do Electronic Shelf Labels cost?

    The price of electronic shelf labels are determined by a number of factors such as size, quantity and fixed attachments.

    Size: In general, the electronic shelf labels’ cost increases as the size gets larger. To work out what size is suitable for your shelves, you can discuss with us about what information are required to be displayed. For best results, you’d want a suitable size to contain all the important information so that it can be read with ease. Larger electronic shelf labels are usually selected when there’s a need to display more information or display the pricing in large letters. If products are densely packed, smaller labels would be preferable. In this case, customers often choose the option to split the standard labels in half, halving the required number of labels for a store, saving the cost and space.

    Quantity: Just like purchasing most inventories, the higher the quantity the lower the price per label. Most retailers would pilot the technology in one or a few stores then purchase all the electronic shelf labels they need for the remaining stores in one order if the pilot is successful.

    Fixed attachments: Shelf racks built for the electronic shelf labels are used to secure the labels onto a shop’s shelving system. The cost would increase as the required quantity of shelf racks increases. In general, the attachments would cost 5-10% of the value of the electronic shelf labels.