Amazon Web Services Solutions (eCloudvalley)

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Collaborating with eCloudvalley, the leading AWS Premier Consulting Partner in the GCR, empowers us to offer our clients optimal solutions across a spectrum of cloud services. This synergy contributes to the advancement and expansion of our clients’ businesses.

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We specialise in providing comprehensive solutions to enhance business operations and drive growth through seamless migration to AWS. Our services encompass a range of crucial areas:


Helping businesses migrate their workloads to AWS.


Combination of development and operations with better collaboration, communication, and integration.

Data Solutions

Smarter and faster decision making.


Operating system virtualization technology.


Build and run applications without the requirements of a physical server.


Development and runtime environments for cloud applications.


Build a security optimized environment on AWS.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Utilizing Amazon CloudFront to deliver websites, APIs, videos, and other web assets with low latency and high transfer speeds.

Managed Services

Management of cloud services to ensure: cost optimization, performance improvement, security enhancement, fault tolerance, and operational excellence.

Atlas – Cloud Management Platform

Custom cloud management platform developed by eCloudvalley to allow clients to quickly deploy cloud resources, optimize cloud performance, and reduce cost of cloud operations.

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