Electronic Badge (e-Badge)

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Introducing our cutting-edge Electronic Badge (e-Badge) solution, an innovative identification system that revolutionises corporate ID, Visitor Passes, Seminar/Exhibition Name Badges, and Hospital ID Badges. With e-Badge, you’ll experience seamless efficiency in managing identification needs across various applications.


  • Corporate ID
  • Visitor pass
  • Seminar/Exhibition name badge
  • Hospital ID badge
  • and more
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The e-Badge is a dynamic and colourful ID badge display system, designed to provide flexibility in changing both content and design. Alongside its customizable features, this innovative badge system is equipped with a location-tracking function, making it a valuable tool for risk management and enhancing security measures. With the e-Badge, you can seamlessly adapt your identification needs and track personnel locations, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient solution for your organization’s requirements. Experience the power of e-Badge for modern and advanced identification applications.

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