Smart Bus Stops (ePaper Signage)

The Smart Bus Stop is a stand-alone pole type or mounted bus stop with an integrated E-Ink display which is powered by solar power and connected via 4G network.

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Introducing the Smart Bus Stop – a versatile solution that comes in two variations: a standalone pole design and a mounted bus stop configuration. This innovative product features an integrated E-Ink display, powered by solar energy and seamlessly connected via a robust 4G network. Explore the future of bus stop technology with the Smart Bus Stop today.

The standalone unit is specifically crafted to seamlessly integrate with existing solar panel setups.

The Pole-Type installation entails an E-ink display equipped with an integrated solar panel positioned atop the pole, ensuring a self-sustaining power source.

Bus Stop Stand:
In addition to accommodating the smart bus stop unit, the design of bus stops can also incorporate seating choices for commuters, enhancing overall convenience.

LED vs E Ink Display Energy Efficiency Comparison

Based upon testing conducted by E Ink Holdings in Taiwan, a typical 32″ LCD screen draws 34.39 W when it is powered on. Comparatively, an identically sized 32″ E-Ink screen draws only 0.41 W.
That is a ratio of 83 : 1.

Low Power Consumption
Utilizes a low power consumption ePaper screen to display information for public transport.

Integrated Proximity LED Light
Integrated proximity LED light for display viewing.

4G/LTE Connected
Communicates with a central hub through 4G LTE for live information on bus arrival times and statuses.

“Bistable” Technology
Allows for image on display to be retained even with all power sources removed.

20 Day Backup Battery
Backup battery allows stand to sustain up to 20 days of operation without any charging from solar.

Web Application Interface
Utilizes a web application which allows interfacing via different devices.

Flexible Implementation
Obstructive road works not required for installation.

Manufacture Custom Hardware
Bus stop appearance can be designed and customized according to client instructions.

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