Unitech MS852B+ HC Barcode Scanner

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Bluetooth Anti-Microbial 2D Barcode Scanner

The MS852B+ HC is a wireless healthcare scanner that delivers a simple way to Identify a patient with barcoded wristbands and prescription orders that reduce medical errors and enhance the efficiency of the hospital environment.

  • Antimicrobial housing reduces germ and disease transmission
  • Disinfectant ready: Ethanol and isopropyl alcohol safe
  • Rugged protection: IP42 rating and 2.1m drop spec
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Featuring an anti-microbial housing design, the Unitech MS852B+ HC 2D barcode scanner is exceptionally user-friendly in healthcare environments following high hygienic regulations. This comprehensive device combines patient information, video, and vital signs data into a single platform, enabling virtual consultations with various specialists and timely, specialized care for patients.


  • Anti-microbial housing design
  • Medical Certifications: ISO 22196, ISO 11737-1, ISO 11737-2
  • Lightweight design: Only 155g without cable
  • Supports most 1D / 2D barcodes on mobile screens, even damaged or poorly printed ones
  • Long lifecycle trigger design: Up to 10,000,000 times
  • Ultra-rugged design: IP42 and 2.1m drop spec
  • Supports Bluetooth® dual-mode technology (Bluetooth® LE V4.2 & Bluetooth® 2.1+EDR, Class 1)
  • Wireless transmission range up to 100m in the line of open sight

Keep Staff and Patient Safety

The MS852 HC Series Scanners prioritize staff and patient safety. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, Unitech ensures that these products adhere to the strictest hygienic guidelines for data collection and cleanliness.

Ethanol Safe and Anti-Microbial Devices

“Ethanol safe” allows a device or equipment to be cleaned by non-condensed alcohol (75% to 90%) to kill or remove germs and viruses from surfaces. The anti-microbial housing provides extra protection in between each disinfection cycle, effectively minimizing or preventing germs and viruses from lingering on the surface.

Accurate Barcode Scanning for Healthcare Solutions

The MS852+HC Series is designed for use in healthcare environments with high hygienic regulations. It is specially built for nursing care in hospitals and healthcare institutes, being medically certified by ISO 22196, ISO 11737-1, ISO 11737-2. The high-performance barcode scanning engine enables healthcare providers to check patient identification and prescription orders through barcodes, reducing medical errors and improving the hospital environment’s efficiency.

Anti-Microbial Housing

Medical Certified: ISO 22196, ISO 11737-1, ISO 11737-2

The MS852+HC Series is designed for challenging work environments. It features a built-in megapixel barcode sensor, allowing it to capture most 1D/2D barcodes on mobile screens, even damaged or poorly printed ones. With an excellent motion tolerance design, the MS852+HC Series offers increased scan speed and operational effectiveness even while on the move.

Megapixel Image Resolution

  • Up to 60 fps Frame Rate
  • 600 cm/s Maximum Motion Tolerance

Wireless for Flexibility

The MS852B+ HC supports Bluetooth® dual-mode technology (Bluetooth® LE V4.2 & Bluetooth® 2.1+EDR, Class 1), providing you with the freedom and flexibility you need for your business. It is compatible with any smartphone, tablet, or computer, and can easily pair with any mobile device or PC. Additionally, it allows users to transmit data to the host from up to 100 meters away from the base. When out of range, the MS852B+ barcode scanner can store 590,000 codes in memory and upload them to your devices at your convenience.

Intuitive and User-Friendly

The MS852B+HC is designed with ergonomics in mind, making it easy for users to operate throughout the day.

  • Ergonomic Design
  • 213g Lightweight Design


While capable of sustaining a 2.1-meter drop to concrete, the MS852+HC Series incorporates an IP42 rugged design for protection against dust and moisture. Moreover, its built-in long lifecycle trigger can handle up to 10 million triggers, ensuring continuous productivity and reliability. This scanner can be used in various practical ways to fulfil scanning tasks in the hospital environment.

Increase Productivity for Healthcare Environment

The MS852+HC Series handheld scanner is a highly reliable tool to increase productivity and efficiency in hospital point of care, specimen collection, pharmacy inventory control, and materials management.


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